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User testimonial
“The leaderboard helps me by keeping participants engaged, even during 3-hour boot camps.”
Srinivasan Naidu, Founder
User testimonial
“Getting data directly into our CRM around engagement from our marketing webinars has increased our sales conversions dramatically”
Roy Valtorin, CBO
User testimonial
“Understanding the impact of our teachers and our lesson plans is so much easier with the post-session dashboard from Lens”
Rajeshwari Sharma, Growth Manager
User testimonial
“Measuring participant learning is so much easier with Lens' instant polls & quizzes”
Ethan Williams, CEO
User testimonial
“From a rough sketch of a feature to a fully-formulated product in two weeks, the Lens team has been phenomenal in honoring our requests”
Madison Johnson, CPO
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Real-time data
See who’s paying attention and engaging with your meetings in real time.
Engaging Activities
Run instant polls & quizzes and hold live Q&As with upvoting and moderation.
And Gamification
Launch participant-side leaderboards & gamify through friendly competition
For Improved Performance
Identify uninterested participants, create detailed profiles, and improve retention rates.
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