10x the engagement in Zoom sessions

Lens turns Zoom into an online teaching powerhouse that helps you keep your learners engaged, gauge the performance of your live classes, and increase retention rates.

With Lens, you can learn about the time they spent on the live class screen, conduct intelligent polls to see if they understand the subject, and send nudges to improve engagement.

Live classes like never before!

Track Engagement

  • See if a learner has navigated away from your live class
  • Figure out who is silent during the class by measuring learner talk-time
  • Get the real-time performance of your live class

Create Engagement

  • Nudge learners to speak up in classes
  • Conduct instant and custom polls in single click to stimulate interest
  • Create a class leaderboard to gamify the experience

Improve Engagement

  • Use post-class analytics to identify uninterested learners
  • Identify and improve courses that are not working well
  • Automate learner feedback after every class

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